Model behaviour ;-D

Kristine has moved to Trondheim... study for her law degree. Impressive, huh?Oh, yes. Models got other stuff than thoughts of makeup and cool clothes, in their heads

Milan! Milan! Milan!

As an aspiring model, there are a few cities in this world, that you must go to, to develop and build your book.One of these places is Milan, Italy.(Starlet model: Caro. All photos for, ...

Sofia's 14 years old and has already been featured in UK, Germany & Russia.

Sofia was just minding her own business one afternoon in September 2008. Hanging out with a friend, going shopping.Suddenly someone tapped her shoulder and asked if she was a model.She said "n...


Idag føler jeg det har vært utrolig mange bloggere inne på, som ser utrolig høye og atletiske/ slankeut. Noe som får model speideren i meg til å hoppe i været av glede!I tillegg ser det ut...

Akina just came home from Beijing...

...spent Easter with her family and friends and went to Milan yesterday.More updates on her, soon :-)From her KAPPA shoot

Kris went to Spain...

Some "snow sporting" in Sierra Nevada during the Easter holidays...

ThanX to Kris 4 supplying the pix :-)

Healthy lunch suggestion from Kris...

Written in Norwegian:For å lage denne pastasalaten trenger du:- En håndfull penne-pasta- 4-5 cherrytomater- 3 "trær" med brokkoli- Parmassanost- Oppskjært ost eller fetaost- Agurk- Isberg...

More beauty tests on Lene V.

I sorta think she looks a little bit like gorgeous actress and singer; Scarlett Johansson.Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana(Ms Johansson's photos found online...)What'chu thinX?

Lene V. NEW tests

NEW prospect: Nora!

Could U be a fashion or beauty model? Check this out!

We are always on the lookout for new talent andfresh faces.Vennligst ta en titt til høyre for dette innlegget og stikk gjerne innom websiden vår om du føler at du passer inn i beskrivelsene vi spør...

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter:FB: STARLET by Ravensborg model managementTwitter: StarletAgency(Female model: Akina)GOD PÅSKE!!

Sofia, new tests courtesy of her London agency :-)

Truly gorgeous!

Thea, new tests

Love her look!

Michaela, test shots

Elen & Nora


Elen & Thea


Models wearing VATLE

Not wearing VATLE just yet, but getting makeup 4 the VATLE show, last week.Michaela in VATLEChaCha & Bex in VATLE creationsChaCha & MUA Julia Lyon14 year old Sofia wearing VATLE at a previous show....

Bex by Silje Bærulfsen (InTime photographers in Moss, Norway)

Click this photo to be rerouted to our website and FB- linkClick this photo to be rerouted to In Time photografers in Moss.

Kristine's personal stuff...

Models should drink a lot of water to keep hydrated and to help keeping their skin looking great......Eat healthy, sufficient amountsand get all nutrients during a day, to sustain a hectic lifestyl...

More backstage from VATLE's show

Kjersti VATLE (designer)& Julia Lyon (mua)New prospect: NatalieChaCha & BexNatalie & BexKris & ChaChaKLIKK HERE TO BE REDIRECTED TO OUR WEBSITE & Facebook LINKS♥


Liquid leggingsKris' lunch

Backstage pix from yesterday's show 4 VATLE...

The shoes...Natalie, Kris, ChaCha & MichaelaMUA Julia Lyon & Starlet model BexBex & ChaCha

Kristine enjoys staying healthy...

She makes a lot of easy, nutritious and "modelly" meals & snacks, that keep her skin looking great, gives her energy to work outand keep her physique in shape.Enjoying an apple...Book she...


A bit tired after 9 hours with styling, makeup, choreography & show... pheeeeew....

Bex & Martine

Bex getting her face on ;-)WHAT ARE THEY DOING??????Ooooooh, I seeeeee....Cool makeup!Martine & Bex goofing around.Pretty, pretty models!Photographer Stine warned us there would be paint... :-)Look...

FINALLY!!! Martine is coming back!

Martine was diagnozed with mononucleosis (pop. name "mono" in English speaking countries,or "kyssesyken" in Norwegian).She's waiting for her doctor to give her the "all...

Sofia's look has hit Russia

Can't read Russian, but Rouge Bunny Rouge and Sofia's look has been on display in Russian makeup stores etc. for the past couple of months.;-)

Sofia by Inger Lise Garli

Wearing VATLEWearing Green Square Concept and BIANCO bootsPhotographer: Inger Lise GarliMAU: Sofia White


Snaps taken by Cat Raven

Photographer Silje Bærulfsen

MichaelaSunnivaMichaela and Sunniva did a shoot with photographer Silje Bærulfsen.Love the winter pics right now! Gorgeous winter in Norway secures us a lot of fluffy and white scenery.Follow this ...

Some snaps of Vida

Tearsheet from British ELLE

Liv Tyler is gracing the cover of this edition of ELLE UK.We are so proud to represent gorgeous Sofia.Click on tearsheet to read Zuneta's blog entry.

ZUNETA.COM posting on Sofia in U.K.

Click this link to read more about our STARLET, Sofia.The first look for Rouge Bunny Rouge this year kicks off with the gorgeous Contessa Sofia. You might recognise this gorgeous image from our Zun...

Caro is one of the models featured on a new Italian website...

...currently under construction.Click here to see a taste of what's to come...:-)

Want 2 re-post this video from BARIS hairdressers in Sandvika.

Full DVD is available for purchase in their salonClick on THIS link to be forwarded to their website.

Trine @ OFW runway for VATLE

Our beautiful Starlet;Trine, enters the runway for VATLE@ 3:55MwaH!!!

VATLE finale

Trine on the catwalk

Photo: Stig Howard

Caught the Iis show, while waiting for VATLE.

Caught the Iis show, while waiting for VATLE. It was gorgeous!!!For more on Iis, click here.Pleasedon't comment onthe picture or sound quality. I don't have professional video/ audio equipm...

Video from the Scandinavian Photo demonstration at the Oslo PhotoFair.

A wonderful team consisting of photographer John Hagby, makeup artist and stylist Aina Skogberg and models from the STARLET agency

Beautiful Bitania

Bitania is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE what they did on this demonstration shoot with ChaCha, Bitania and Kris.(Kris' pix were posted a couple of weeks back.)Photo: John HagbyMake up: Aina Skog...

Charming ChaCha

Foto John HagbyMakeup Aina SkogsbergWe love it!!!WHAT A KILLER TEAM!!


Sofia pix, courtesy of Emmy

Things to do when you're bored...

Plane trips can be sooo boring...Things to do?Try on glasses & take your own picture to see how they look on you.Trine is blessed with gorgeous features, so she looks spectacular in everything!

In Norwegian Fashion magazine: Akina, Nikita, Anders and Caro 4 GREEN SQUARE CONCEPT

Martine ;-)

Martine has been ill for some time now, but she is coming back- stronger than ever!As soon as the doctor gives her the "all systems go!", she'll be in front of a camera again.:-)

Fresh face: Emily

Seventeen year old Emily is 179 cm tall and enjoys doing ballet. We love models that know ballet...Makes them look statuesque and gives themgood posture.:-)

Vida presentation


Mitchell presentation


Caro dressed in licorice!

Caro dressed in licorice!Photographer Marie Lindeman Johansen

"Beautyspion" in Germany, writing about Sofia's look!

Seems Sofia's look has some fans in Germany already.Check out this link:

NEW web site!!!

Still a little bit of detail work left, but overall; it's ready!!Click here to have a look.

S O F I A in front!!! Video & her own look! Yaaaay!!!

Check out the Contessa Sophia Collection!STARLET's very own Sofia is currently frontingher ownlook for makeup brand Rouge Bunny Rouge.You can order their FANTASTIC makeup at www.zuneta.comHere ...

Caro is One of the models featured on this Italian beauty web site. is One of the models featured on this Italian beauty web site.

Check out ZUNETA.COM models are presented to the public.Gorgeous faces and friendly people!MWAH! to you all!

Sofia's photos will be in British ELLE and on the Zuneta website.

Sofia's photos will be in British ELLE and on the Zuneta website.

NEW website will be published soon!

We are just waiting for some pix for model portefolios,to publish on the page.Our website address will still be www.starlet.noWe currently have two temporary sites in addition to our blog, Facebook...


Loooove his style!David has a direct approach to fashion photography.A teaspoon of high fashion, mixed witha cup of classic elegance, a pinch of grunge, a dash of 70ies colouring scheme or contrast...

Kristine by photographer John Hagby, makeup by Ania.

ChaCha modelled at the Photo fair at Lillestrøm this weekend...

Makeup artist was ANIA

Kristine went to her first shoot... ;-)

She was at a shoot the yesterday and had loads of fun!:-DSince we haven't received the photos quite yet (a bit too soon for that), she sent some pix ofthe photos, taken with her regular camera....

Casting pix: Elen

Casting pix: Michaela

Some model photos...

Bitania by Inger Lise GarliChaCha, makeup and styling by Malene Vatnedal.(Photo: unknown)Kristine, casting picAndie by Inger Lise Garli

More pix from the MODEL BOOT CAMP

Personal trainers came in to teach the girls a routine.Toning muscles, cardio work out and something they called "gustus"...Not exactly sure what that was, but the models took to it.Those...

Model Boot Camp Beauties!

Most of the models still had some posing left in them after the hefty work out!All U can eat!Or rather some of the products models eat...This is part of the breakfast menu. And the grumpy face is f...


42, Oslo

Nytt modellbyrå på Østlandet, for mote- og skjønnhetsmodeller. Vi er alltid på utkikk etter nye talenter! I første omgang kvinnelige modeller med god hud/ hår/ negler, fresh look, fortrinnsvis over 173 cm høye (hvis man er 16 år eller eldre), men vi har petite modeller også, slank figur/ proposjonert og god muskeltonus. Modellsøknader sendes til Vedlegg 3-6, uretusjerte, usminkede bilder tatt i godt lys mot nøytral bakgrunn. Minst ett ansiktsbilde og ett helfigur, inntilsittende klær. Legg ved info om høyde i cm, cm mål over bysten, smaleste området i midjen (vanligvis like under nederste ribben) og over det bredeste området omkring hoftene/lårene/bakenden. Er du under 18; legg ved foresattes kontakt info. VENNLIGST IKKE REKLAMÈR FOR BLOGGEN DIN PÅ VÅR BLOGG... Vi sletter innlegg som virker støtende eller "reklameaktige". ♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪